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Ultrasound One (1) Lower Limb

Ultrasound One (1) Lower Limb

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Doppler Ultrasound of One (1) Lower Limb


The lower limb plays an essential role in our mobility and circulation. Doppler ultrasound of a lower limb allows doctors to evaluate blood circulation and detect any irregularities in the veins and arteries of the leg.


What is Doppler Ultrasound?


Doppler ultrasound uses sound waves to obtain images of blood vessels and measure the speed and direction of blood flow. It is an invaluable tool for detecting blockages, narrowings or any other vascular abnormality.


Applications of Doppler Ultrasound in the Lower Limb


This exam is vital for:


  • Detect deep vein thrombosis: Blood clots in the veins of the leg.
  • Evaluate arterial diseases: Such as arteriosclerosis, which can reduce blood flow to the limb.
  • Monitor blood flow after vascular procedures: Like surgeries or angioplasties.
  • Identify venous insufficiency: Evaluate the valves in your veins and make sure they are working properly.


Benefits of Doppler Ultrasound of the Lower Limb


  • Non-invasive: No incisions or surgical procedures are required.
  • No radiation: Unlike other imaging techniques, ultrasound does not use ionizing radiation.
  • Accurate and reliable: Able to detect even small abnormalities in blood flow.
  • Accessible and economical: Compared to other imaging modalities.




Doppler ultrasound of a lower limb is a crucial technique in vascular evaluation. It offers a detailed view of the status and function of the veins and arteries of the leg, guaranteeing adequate and timely medical care.


Requirements: By appointment | Hygiene in the area.

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