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Medical Diagnostic Imaging Center

Welcome to the UniRad Medical Diagnostic Imaging Center

You deserve to have a medical diagnostic imaging center that you can rely on. At UniRad, we take pride in our fast and accurate MRI Scanning and other medical imaging services.

We work hard to get you quick results that your doctor can use to help treat your condition. We're always ready to help new patients get the information they need to continue their recovery.

Here's why people from all over our community trust and rely on UniRad.

Our MRI Scanning Service

MRI scanning, or magnetic resonance imaging, allows doctors to get a fast and accurate look at what's going on inside your body. An MRI can be used to detect everything from swelling to abnormal development.

Our facilities are fully ready to help you with all of your MRI scanning needs. Whether you're sending your patients our way or your doctor has instructed you to get an MRI, we can help.

You can rely on our team for professional service and accurate MRI scanning.

About Our Medical Diagnostic Imaging Center

When we opened our doors at UniRad, we wanted to create a place where people could come to get the MRI scanning and other services that they need from a medical diagnostic imaging center.

We proudly treat people from all over our area with our local medical imaging. We know that quick and accurate results are what you're looking for and our team settles for nothing less than the highest standards in professionalism and medical accuracy.

When you need medical imaging, UniRad is here to help.

Schedule Your Appointment With UniRad Today

Do you need an MRI scanning appointment or other scans at our medical diagnostic imaging center? Get in touch with UniRad today to schedule your next appointment or to learn more about our services.

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