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Unlike the "TAC" this equipment does not use ionizing radiation but magnetic fields that align the nuclear magnetization of the hydrogen nuclei that are found in the water of the body. Its main use is to diagnose tissue alterations and detect cancer in early stages. Our team is open for claustrophobic patients Study duration: 40 minutes.

It is a technology used for the diagnosis with high resolution images based on ionizing radiation that are reconstructed by obtaining cuts throughout the body and thus facilitate the diagnosis of a pathological disease difficult to detect thanks to the different angles that the equipment offers. Study duration / scan: 6 seconds.

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Computerized Axial Tomography 128 cuts Dual Source

Open Magnetic Resonance
Ultrasound 5-D

The 5-D ultrasound allows you to see the baby in more detail in three-dimensional moving images, with this new technique it is possible to detect and eliminate most problems in the growth of the baby.

Elastography is available, which allows breast biopsies to be accurately performed when a suspicious tumor lesion is detected.

This type of study allows the evaluation of blood flow by color Doppler.

The sound frequencies are lower.