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Prostatic Ultrasound

Prostatic Ultrasound

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Prostate Ultrasound


The prostate is a crucial gland in the male reproductive system. Ultrasound of the prostate gives doctors the ability to visualize this organ and evaluate any abnormalities present.


What is Ultrasound?


Ultrasound uses sound waves to produce images of the inside of the body. When applied to the prostate, it allows detailed visualization of the structure and morphology of the gland.


Applications of Prostate Ultrasound


This study is essential for:


  • Prostate cancer screening: Helps identify abnormal areas that may require a biopsy.
  • Evaluation of prostate size: Important in the diagnosis of benign prostatic hypertrophy.
  • Guide to procedures: Such as biopsies or the placement of therapeutic devices.
  • Diagnosis of prostatitis: Inflammation or infection of the prostate gland.
  • Post-surgery evaluation: Verify results and monitor recovery.


Benefits of Prostate Ultrasound


  • Non-invasive: No incisions or surgical procedures are required.
  • No radiation: Unlike other imaging techniques, ultrasound does not use ionizing radiation.
  • Accurate and reliable: Provides detailed images of the prostate.
  • Accessible and economical: Compared to other imaging modalities.




Prostate ultrasound is an essential tool in the diagnosis and monitoring of prostate conditions. It provides invaluable insight into the health and structure of the gland, ensuring an accurate diagnosis and the ability to provide the most appropriate treatment.

Requirements: By appointment | Take 1 liter of water | Hygiene in the area.

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