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Resonancia Magnética de Oído  (Fase Contrastada)

Magnetic Resonance of the Ear (Contrasted Phase)

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$4,990.00Sale Price

Notable Advances in Ear Imaging: Magnetic Resonance at 1.5 Tesla

Magnetic Resonance at 1.5 Tesla stands as a technological marvel when exploring the anatomy of the ear. With a magnetic field 1.5 times more powerful than conventional magnets, it offers a detailed and unprecedented view of this delicate region.

In Latin America, this technique has transformed the way we diagnose and treat inner and middle ear disorders. It allows precise visualization of structures such as the cochlea and eardrum, fundamental in hearing and balance.

Magnetic Resonance at 1.5 Tesla is an invaluable tool to detect conditions such as otitis interna and auditory tumors. Its ability to discern between soft and hard tissues provides early and accurate diagnoses, paving the way for effective treatments.

This technological advance promises to continue raising the quality of care in otorhinolaryngology in Latin America. Its ability to reveal the mysteries of hearing makes it an invaluable resource for doctors and patients alike.

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