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Resonancia Magnética Cuello (Fase Simple)

Magnetic Resonance Neck

$5,600.00 Regular Price
$3,900.00Sale Price

Magnetic Resonance at 1.5 Tesla unfolds its wonder by exploring the anatomy of the neck. With a magnetic field 1.5 times more powerful than conventional magnets, it offers a clear and detailed view of this crucial anatomical region.

In Latin America, this technology has transformed the diagnosis and treatment of neck conditions. It allows precise visualization of structures such as cervical vertebrae and blood vessels, essential in cases of herniated discs and vascular diseases.

Magnetic Resonance at 1.5 Tesla stands out for its ability to discern between soft and hard tissues, facilitating the early detection of pathologies. Its non-invasive nature and absence of radiation make it a safe and preferred option for patients of all ages.

This technological marvel has strengthened medical practice in the region, allowing for more accurate diagnoses and more effective treatment plans. Its impact on the care of patients with cervical conditions is undeniable and promises to continue transforming health care in Latin America.

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