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Sacroiliac Magnetic Resonance

Sacroiliac Magnetic Resonance

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) 1.5 Tesla Aera Siemens in the Sacroiliac Joint


1. What is a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)? TheMagnetic resonance is a diagnostic imaging technique that uses a magnetic field and radio waves to obtain detailed images of the inside of the body, without using ionizing radiation such as x-rays.


2. What does 1.5 Teslas mean? 1.5 Teslas indicates the intensity of the magnetic field used in the machine. A Tesla is a measure of the strength of the magnetic field. MRI machines in hospitals and clinics are typically in the 1.5 to 3 Tesla range. A 1.5 Tesla magnetic field delivers high-resolution, clear images.


3. Siemens Aera Siemens is a leading medical technology company. Its "Aera" model is one of the1.5 Tesla MRIhighlights, known for its efficiency, patient-centered design and excellent image quality.


4. Use in the Sacroiliac Joint The sacroiliac joint connects the spine to the pelvis. Because it is located deep in the body, MRI is especially useful for visualizing it:


  • Diagnosis of Sacroiliitis: Sacroiliitis is inflammation of one or both sacroiliac joints. MRI is able to detect signs of inflammation and changes in the tissues around the joint.


  • Injuries: MRI can identify traumatic injuries, tears, or damage to ligaments and surrounding tissues.


  • Degenerative Conditions: MRI is useful in detecting degenerative changes in the joint, such as osteoarthritis.


  • Post-surgical Evaluation: After surgical procedures in the sacroiliac region, MRI can be used to evaluate recovery and detect possible complications.


The Siemens Aera, with its 1.5 Tesla capacity, provides detailed, clear images of the sacroiliac joint and surrounding tissues, facilitating accurate diagnosis and guiding appropriate treatment.


5. Advantages for the patient The open design of the Aera is beneficial to patients, who may feel more comfortable during the exam, especially if they experience pain in the sacroiliac region. Additionally, advanced technology reduces noise, providing a more pleasant experience.

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