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X-ray Sacrococcyx (1 projection)

X-ray Sacrococcyx (1 projection)

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X-ray of the Sacrum and Coccyx


Sacral and coccyx X-rays are an imaging technique used to visualize the lower portion of the spine, specifically the regions of the sacrum and coccyx. This radiographic technique is essential to diagnose, monitor and treat different conditions that can affect these areas of the spine.


What are X-rays?


X-rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation that has the ability to pass through soft tissues and be absorbed by denser tissues, such as bones. As they pass through the body and are captured on film or sensor, they create images that show the internal structure of the area being examined.

Applications of X-rays of the Sacrum and Coccyx


This x-ray is vital for:

  • Fracture diagnosis: Detect injuries or fractures in the sacrum or coccyx.
  • Degeneration identification: Observe signs of wear or degenerative changes.
  • Detection of malformations: Recognize structural anomalies in these areas.
  • Evaluation of infections or tumors: Discover diseases that affect the sacrum and coccyx.
  • Postoperative evaluation: Check the position of implanted devices, such as screws or plates.


Benefits of X-rays of the Sacrum and Coccyx


  • Non-invasive: It does not require incisions or invasive procedures.
  • Fast: Produces almost immediate images.
  • Accurate: Provides a clear visualization of the bone structure of the sacrum and coccyx.
  • Economic: Compared with other imaging techniques.




X-ray of the sacrum and coccyx is a valuable tool in the medical field, especially in orthopedics. It provides crucial information about the health and structure of these parts of the spine, allowing for proper diagnosis and treatment for the patient.

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