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Rayos X de Cuello Lateral (para partes blandas)

Lateral Neck X-ray (for soft tissues)

$1,000.00 Regular Price
$500.00Sale Price

Lateral neck x-rays, also known as lateral cervical x-rays, are medical images obtained by taking a lateral view of the neck region. These x-rays are useful in medicine for several reasons:


  • Cervical spine evaluation: Lateral neck x-rays allow the alignment and structure of the cervical spine to be evaluated from a lateral angle. This is important to detect misalignments, deformities or injuries to the cervical vertebrae.


  • Diagnosis of injuries and trauma: These x-rays are particularly useful in detecting fractures, dislocations, and other traumatic injuries to the cervical spine, which may be caused by car accidents, falls, or sports injuries.


  • Detection of problems in soft structures: In addition to evaluating the spine, lateral neck x-rays can help identify problems in the soft structures of the neck, such as tumors, masses, or inflammation that could be affecting the patient's health.


  • Posture evaluation: These x-rays are also used to evaluate the posture and alignment of the neck and head, which can be important in the diagnosis and treatment of postural problems or conditions such as forward head syndrome.


  • Planning of medical and surgical procedures: Before performing medical or surgical procedures on the cervical spine, such as deformity correction or implant insertion, lateral neck x-rays provide essential information to accurately plan the intervention.


In summary, lateral neck x-rays are a valuable tool in medicine for evaluating and diagnosing a variety of conditions related to the cervical spine and neck, from traumatic injuries to structural and postural problems. These images allow doctors to obtain crucial information for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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