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Rayos X de Cráneo (2 proyecciones)
  • Skull X-ray (2 projections)

    $1,400.00 Regular Price
    $700.00Sale Price

    Brain x-rays, also known as brain x-rays, are medical images used to obtain a view of the bone structure and some soft tissues in a person's skull and brain. These images are useful in medicine for several reasons:

    • Diagnosis of skull injuries and fractures: Brain x-rays can help doctors identify skull fractures or traumatic head injuries that may require immediate treatment.

    • Evaluation of the position of foreign objects: If someone has suffered a head injury and it is suspected that a foreign object may be present, a brain x-ray can help confirm or rule out this possibility.

    • Control of medical implants: In some cases, such as the placement of medical devices in the brain, such as shunt valves to treat hydrocephalus, brain x-rays are used to verify the position and function of these devices.

    • Monitoring of chronic diseases: In some neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, brain x-rays can help track changes in brain structure over time, which can be useful for diagnosing and tracking disease progress.

      (When your doctor tells you that you need two views on a brain in a more accurate diagnosis. Typically, anteroposterior and lateral projections are taken to obtain a complete evaluation of the brain structure and detect possible lesions or abnormalities. This multiple projection approach is common practice in radiology to ensure a thorough evaluation of the area of interest.)

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