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Rayos X de Cráneo (1 proyección)

Skull X-ray (1 projection)

$1,000.00 Regular Price
$500.00Sale Price

Brain x-rays, also known as brain x-rays, are medical images used to obtain a view of the bone structure and some soft tissues in a person's skull and brain. These images are useful in medicine for several reasons:

  • Diagnosis of skull injuries and fractures: Brain x-rays can help doctors identify skull fractures or traumatic head injuries that may require immediate treatment.

  • Evaluation of the position of foreign objects: If someone has suffered a head injury and it is suspected that a foreign object may be present, a brain x-ray can help confirm or rule out this possibility.

  • Control of medical implants: In some cases, such as the placement of medical devices in the brain, such as shunt valves to treat hydrocephalus, brain x-rays are used to verify the position and function of these devices.

  • Monitoring of chronic diseases: In some neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, brain x-rays can help track changes in brain structure over time, which can be useful for diagnosing and tracking disease progress.

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