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Rayos X de Columna Dorsal (1 proyección)

Dorsal Spine X-ray (1 projection)

$1,000.00 Regular Price
$500.00Sale Price

Single-projection dorsal spine radiographs, also known as uniprojection dorsal radiographs, are medical images obtained using a single radiation angle to evaluate the spine in the dorsal or thoracic region. These x-rays are useful in medicine for several reasons:


  • Evaluation of the dorsal column: Uniprojection dorsal radiographs allow evaluation of the alignment, structure, and any abnormalities present in the spine in the thoracic region from a specific angle.


  • Detection of fractures and injuries: They are especially useful for detecting fractures, dislocations, or other injuries to the thoracic vertebrae that may be caused by trauma, falls, or other injuries.


  • Detection of structural problems: These x-rays can help identify structural problems in the dorsal spine, such as scoliosis, kyphosis, or lordosis, which are conditions that affect the natural curvature of the spine.


  • Diagnosis of degenerative diseases: They are also used to evaluate degenerative diseases of the dorsal spine, such as arthritis or spondylosis, from a specific perspective.


  • Treatment planning: Before performing medical or surgical procedures on the thoracic spine, such as deformity correction or spinal fusion, these x-rays provide essential information to accurately plan the intervention.


In summary, single-view thoracic spine radiographs are an important tool in medicine for evaluating and diagnosing a variety of spine-related conditions in the thoracic region from a specific angle. These images allow doctors to obtain crucial information for accurate diagnosis and proper treatment planning.

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