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Rayos X de Columna Cervical (1 proyección)

Cervical Spine X-ray (1 projection)

$1,000.00 Regular Price
$500.00Sale Price

Single-view cervical spine x-rays, also known as single-view cervical x-rays, are medical images obtained using a single radiation angle to evaluate the spine in the neck region. These x-rays are useful in medicine for several reasons:

  • Vertebral Alignment Assessment: Uniprojection cervical radiographs allow the alignment of the cervical vertebrae to be evaluated from a specific angle. This can be helpful in detecting misalignments or deformities that could be causing pain or movement problems in the neck.

  • Detection of fractures or injuries: These x-rays can help identify fractures or injuries to the cervical vertebrae that may have occurred due to trauma or accidents.

  • Evaluation of degenerative diseases: They are also used to evaluate degenerative diseases of the cervical spine, such as cervical arthritis or cervical spondylosis, from a specific perspective.

  • Treatment monitoring: After receiving treatment for cervical conditions, such as surgery or therapy, single-view cervical x-rays can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment and check the stability of the cervical spine.


In summary, single-view cervical spine radiographs are an important tool in medicine to evaluate and diagnose a variety of spine-related conditions in the neck region from a specific angle. These images are essential in determining the appropriate treatment and management of cervical conditions from a particular perspective.

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